The Refugee Migrant Children Centre is a local charity based in Sunshine that relies on volunteer support to deliver educational programs to children from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

They provide specialist support to address the unique needs of school-aged kids from refugee and migrant backgrounds by bringing together the key figures in each child’s life – their school, teachers, family, community - and providing tailored mentoring programs that support RMCC kids through their post settlement journey to achieve positive educational and social outcomes.
Importantly, volunteers are pivotal to the work done at RMCC. RMCC have a wonderful team of people who mentor the children they support. However, as RMCC supports more and more children every year, they are also in need of more generous volunteers to join the team!
This is an exciting opportunity for people who want to contribute to the community, or seek to make meaningful changes in the lives of kids from refugee and migrant backgrounds - simply by becoming their mentor.  
This role is not only fulfilling, but it also provides the volunteers with professional experiences working with children and youth, while also allowing them to be part of a passionate, like-minded multicultural community, who you can learn from and grow with. The position would only require 3 hours a week, either online or in person. No specific qualifications are required, all you need is a dedication to help the children they serve.
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